Marcus joined Acuity in 2014, before which he held senior leadership and corporate finance positions with some of the UK’s most successful advisory and telecoms businesses. Roles with EE, KPMG Corporate Finance and BDO Corporate Finance have seen Marcus work in the UK and across the globe with successful entrepreneurs seeking exit, and at board level with multi-national corporates looking for growth through organic and inorganic investment.

Marcus qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG, and has considerable experience working across the technology, media and telecoms sectors. He has always been drawn to the business models and personalities of cutting edge, entrepreneurial businesses. Equally at home discussing the merits of different network technologies, alternative payments, detailed financials and the future of digital marketing, Marcus has a track record of quickly identifying and articulating the value in a business or proposition.

With years of experience and successful transactions to his name, Marcus is well known and respected by entrepreneurs, corporates and private equity houses in the UK and overseas, and he has gained a reputation as being interested, astute, engaged and pragmatic.

“Marcus was brilliant for us, leading a well-informed team who had researched the market even before we appointed them. Obviously highly experienced, we found Marcus well-versed in accountancy practices and with just the right degree of push to the potential acquirers. The IM was highly praised by all who read it with one comment that it was the best they had ever seen. Above all, I am very keen to praise Marcus who we considered reflected the passion and success of our company and whom we trusted implicitly to give us the right advice.”

Chairman, Traka plc


Marcus is married with three children but still finds time to run, hike and serve as an officer in the London Regiment (Army Reserve).