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  • Microsoft makes 5G play with AT&T Cloud stack

    Telecoms, Cloud & Managed Services / 21st Jul 2021

    AT&T is moving its Network Cloud to Microsoft, in a deal that will eventually see all of the wireless carrier’s 5G traffic managed using Microsoft Azure.

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  • Thrive buys ONI to broaden geographic footprint

    Telecoms, Cloud & Managed Services / 9th Jul 2021

    Of the many industries benefiting from pandemic-induced digital transformation, managed service providers (MSPs) have seen some of the fastest growth.

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  • Solid Power SPAC could help revolutionise EV batteries

    Industrial Technology / 1st Jul 2021

    The switch from petrol to electric vehicles is getting closer, as lithium-ion batteries begin to be replaced with an alternative that is cheaper to produce, safer, and holds more energy.

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  • Rambus makes ripples with acquisitions in data interface market

    Semiconductor & Photonics / 24th Jun 2021

    To better support next generation applications like AI and machine learning, data centres are increasingly shifting to disaggregated architecture; separating resources such as CPUs, memory, and storage into distinct areas to accelerate performance.

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  • Virgin Media O2 commits £10B to covid recovery

    Telecoms, Cloud & Managed Services / 15th Jun 2021

    One year after Virgin Media and O2 signed the biggest telecoms deal ever, the combined company has launched with big promises to invest in the coronavirus recovery.

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  • Chip revenues surge on global shortage

    Semiconductor & Photonics / 9th Jun 2021

    As electronics manufacturers struggle to secure vital components, semiconductor foundries have shifted up a gear to operate at maximum capacity; yet they are still unable to fully meet skyrocketing demand.

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