Ashleigh Barker


Ashleigh brings over five years of administrative support experience, across retail and management consultancy sectors. With strong background of organisation, she has experience managing delivery assurance processes for clients, ensuring seamless engagements. Her collaborative approach fosters productive relationships, driving continuous improvement in client experiences. Ashleigh’s background includes providing high-quality support to clients in the aviation, retail and utilities industry.

“Stefan, Matthew, and the team at Acuity understood what we are trying to achieve at Cambridge Mechatronics and got that message across to investors. They displayed tenacity and sophistication when it really mattered to help close the deal.”

Co-Managing Director, Cambridge Mechatronics Limited


After work, Ashleigh juggles family and fostering duties as one of five siblings. A social butterfly, she loves organising gatherings for loved ones. Recently, she’s taken up running and aims to reach new distance goals. A foodie with questionable taste, Ashleigh enjoys culinary adventures, and she’s always planning her next outdoor excursion.