Cypress Boost IoT Offering with Cirrent Acquisition

Next Generation technologies continue to drive change in the semiconductor industry, and Cypress’s recent acquisition of Cirrent is a prime example of this.

IBM’s Biggest Acquisition yet Leaves Commentators Confused

Commentators have been left confounded by IBM’s recent acquisition of Red Hat – questioning the appeal of a company that prides itself on open-source code, meaning much of the development is free for the taking.

CPU in lab

Semiconductor Market Review – 2018

The global semiconductor industry is evolving steadily, driven by product innovation coupled with aggressive research and development and new manufacturing technologies. Increasing digitalisation has propelled the demand for semiconductors and changed the way the industry operates.

Zyfra Make Moves on Intelligent Mining With VIST Acquisition

In a move designed to capture a share of the intelligent mining market, Zyfra – a software company developing AI and IIoT solutions – have acquired VIST Group, an industry leader in the development and implementation of technologies for intelligent mining.

Semiconductors Caught in Crosshairs of China – US Trade War

In recent years, US President, Donald Trump, has voiced concerns to the WTO over China’s alleged violations of US intellectual property rights.

PTC Pick up Frustum – Is Generative Design the Future of Manufacturing?

Massachusetts-based firm Parametric Technology (PTC) has long used acquisitions to help stay abreast of the rapidly developing world of enterprise software.

Can overseas acquisitions save Japan’s shrinking economy?

Japan is striking up overseas deals at an unprecedented rate.

GetWellNetwork expand patient engagement offerings with HealthLoop acquisition

Over the last few years, the patient engagement solutions market has grown significantly, and companies in the industry have started to consolidate through mergers and acquisitions.

Mediafly Acquires Alinean to Combine Consulting Services with Sales Enablement Tools

Mediafly, an enterprise software company that delivers mobile-enablement solutions, has acquired Alinean, a martech company that develops tools to help B2B marketing teams quantify the value of their products and services.

Bluecore Buys Betaout to Tap Indian E-commerce Market

In a bid to tap the burgeoning Indian e-commerce market, New York-based Martech company Bluecore is buying Betaout, a marketing software start-up based in Noida.