Outstanding reception to Matthew Byatt’s keynote presentation

Outstanding reception for Matthew Byatt’s Keynote Seminar on “How to create a winning business exit” at Tech Entrepreneurs Week

Matthew Byatt’s Keynote seminar on creating winning business exits was attended by leading Tech Entrepreneurs and was very well received.

The Keynote Seminar provided information on preparing a business for exit and how to engineer maximum shareholder value. It introduced exit strategies, valuation methodologies, the divestiture process, and gave an insight into when to sell and how to achieve the best price.

Matthew Byatt, corporate finance professional and Partner at Acuity Advisors said “There was a significant amount of interest among technology business owners in the business sale process and how to maximise value; we welcome any participants getting in touch to discuss their own business exit plans.”

Matthew Byatt Acuity Partner Keynote

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