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Nova buys ancosys to expand semiconductors market and controlled production processes

On November 6th 2021, Nova (Nasdaq: NVMI) signed a definitive agreement with ancosys, a company known for automated equipment and expertise that controls global chemical-based manufacturing processes. ancosys’ USP is to create reliable and predictable production processes. This is not simple monitoring but intelligent control and will be a significant addition to Nova.

This cash transaction values ancosys at $100 million. This includes a $10 million performance based earnout. The acquisition should complete in Q1 2022 after closing approvals, and regulatory conditions are undertaken.

ancosys is headquartered in Germany and having been set up in 2001, their culture thrives on interdisciplinary innovation and service. They are known for having created more modular and flexible architecture to further optimize analytical methods within production environments.

Nova will combine their advanced portfolio with ancosys’ chemical analysis technology to transform production differentiation and control. Subsequently, Nova will experience an expansion of the available market enabling them to move beyond the manufacture of front-end semiconductors. With ancosys on board they can develop their business into back-end and advanced packaging markets.

President and CEO of Nova, Eitan Oppenhaim expressed delight with the efficacy of this fusion and said that he was very excited to have secured this strategic acquisition and ability to extend the reach to adjacent markets.

“As a leading innovator and key provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control, used in semiconductor manufacturing, it is a fortuitous match.” He said.

In addition, this acquisition will support Nova’s long-term desire to develop and widen their portfolio that is predominantly focused on key technologies. Their aim is to serve a wider range of process control applications in different semiconductor markets. They will soon be in a position to offer an advanced portfolio of dimensional, materials and chemical metrology solutions for better process insight. With the unique capability to deliver innovative X-ray and optical solutions it will assist customers to improve performance, enhance product yields and accelerate time to market.

ancosys has said that Nova is exactly the kind of partner to help support their own accelerated growth. Jürg Stahl, ancosys’s President and Chief Executive Officer commented that, “The strength of our complementary portfolio will broaden Nova’s available markets and also strengthen our own position as leader in advanced chemical metrology.”

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