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Consolidation Continues in Business Analytics as Sisense and Periscope Data Join Forces

In a move reflecting the continued consolidation of the analytics industry, Business Intelligence platforms Sisense and Periscope Data have combined forces.

Sisense, which differentiates itself by providing interactive visualisations without the need for technical deep analytics knowledge, uses prepackaged templates and Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks and make data accessible to a wider audience. This software is used by more than 2,000 customers including Verizon Communications, General Electric, and the Nasdaq stock market, that collectively represent more than $100 million in annual revenue.

Periscope Data on the other hand is aimed at the technically proficient, with data integration features that funnel a vast array of information into one single dashboard, to be reviewed by trained teams.   Combined, these companies will operate under the Sisense brand and offer their customers a platform that aims to provide all members of staff – from regular business users to tech-savvy analysts – with an “end-to-end analytics” platform:

“Data is going mainstream” writes Periscope CEO and cofounder Harry Glaser in a blog post. “It is no longer just the province of the advanced data analysts, scientists and engineers who we have been so proud to call our customers. Increasingly it is the province of everyone in every part of an organization. And we owe it to those salespeople and marketers, those engineers and businesspeople, to make sure that the most sophisticated, most advanced results and conclusions from the data scientists make it to their desk.”

As the digital transformation takes hold, data continues to occupy a more prominent role in driving business decisions. This has pushed Business Intelligence platforms to the fore, and prompted a wave of consolidation among providers, who are now busily making deals to better position themselves against growing competition.

Other recent significant transactions in the segment include Alteryx’s acquisition of ClearStory Data in April, and the Cloudera-Hortonworks merger in January this year.

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