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  • Acuity at MWC: Key trends that we saw

    Company news / 12th Mar 2015

    Underlining our expansive experience in the mobile segment and an eagerness to continue making inroads in this dynamic market, Acuity attended the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona last week.

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  • Acuity and SETsquared partner up to help start-ups get wise

    Company news / 27th May 2014

    Technology start-ups can see faster growth than many other business segments, with entrepreneurs having to face the challenges of up-scaling, human capital and ultimately the prospect of acquisition at an early stage of development.

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  • Latest results from ONS show M&A increase

    Company news / 16th Sep 2013

    Quarterly results from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published on 4th September 2013 show that, compared with the first three months of the year, acquisitions are up from £3.5 billion to £23.4 billion (from 38 to 60 transactions).

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  • Partners at Acuity to offer tailored 1-1 sessions on selling your business to members of SETSquared

    Company news / 29th Aug 2013

    Matthew Byatt and Richard Baker, partners at Acuity Advisors, will be running 1-1 sessions to provide tailored advice to SETSquared members on how to sell a business, raise funds or prepare for sale.

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  • Outstanding reception to Matthew Byatt’s keynote presentation

    Company news / 10th Nov 2012

    Outstanding reception for Matthew Byatt’s Keynote Seminar on “How to create a winning business exit” at Tech Entrepreneurs Week.

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  • Acuity Advisors’ seminar on How to Create a Winning Business Exit

    Company news / 6th Nov 2012

    Matthew Byatt to present keynote seminar on How to Create a Winning Business Exit on 27 November at Tech Entrepreneurs Week.

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