The Art of Business Exit seminar by Acuity Advisors

Acuity Advisors to run seminar in Bristol on The Art of Business Exit in conjunction with SETsquared

Acuity Advisors, the independent corporate advisory, are running another seminar in Bristol on The Art of Business Exit on 6 June 2013 following the success of similar events in recent years.

This seminar will equip attendees with essential information on preparing a business exit and how to engineer maximum shareholder value. Attendees will receive an introduction to business exit strategies, valuation methodologies, a clear understanding of the divestiture process, and importantly, insight into when to sell and how to achieve the best price.

The session will be presented by Acuity’s partners, Richard Baker and Matthew Byatt.

Acuity advises technology-enabled business owners who need to sell their business with maximum value and certainty. With offices in London, Cambridge, Thames Valley and Silicon Valley, Acuity specialise in finding buyers, developing growth strategies, and raising investment funds (both venture capital and private equity). Founded in 2006, Acuity have a wealth of experience in maximising shareholder value through a tailored, relationship-based approach. A strong track record, operational experience in industry and an absolute commitment to client care has enabled Acuity to deliver the right results for a broad range of clients.

“For entrepreneurs – be they experienced or not – the importance of understanding, planning for and implementing a successful business exist is crucial,” commented Nick Struge of SETsquared. “Setting the expectations of what is possible and what isn’t can make or break an investment. Getting the expertise of Acuity, with their breadth and depth of experience of technology M&A, to our members very early is of immense value.”

The SETsquared Partnership consists of five leading UK research universities – Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. The Partnership supports the growth and success of new business opportunities through spin-outs, licensing and incubation. It also works with industry through research collaboration and consultancy.

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