Acuity Advisors share expertise on business sale at The Growth Partner Programme Run By The Supper Club

The Supper Club invited Richard Baker, partner at Acuity Advisors to facilitate at The Business Positioning Seminar of their new Growth Partner Programme

At the seminar Richard shared his expertise in business sale; how to value a business, why someone might want to buy and the implications as to the actions business owners should take today with a view to selling a business in the future. Richard also gave an insight into the divestiture process, when to sell and how to achieve the best price.

The Growth Partner Programme is run by the exclusive Supper Club for entrepreneurs. It supports founders or CEOs of businesses with eight or more staff through a series of tailor-made one day seminars which take place each quarter. Participants benefit from uniquely-developed tools and receive one-on-one coaching to pinpoint specific issues which are preventing the rapid growth of their businesses and to identify the most effective way to drive their businesses forward with the aim of increasing business value by 20 per cent.

“It was great to have Richard Baker along to help facilitate Day two of the Growth Partner Programme. His M&A expertise provided our business owners with a really valuable perspective on business sale and likely, realistic valuations by looking at deal flow data from their individual sectors.” Duncan Cheatle, founder of The Supper Club.

Richard Baker is highly experienced in understanding clients’ needs and helping business owners understand, plan for and implement successful business exits. He has run a number of seminars on business sale in recent years.

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