Acuity Advisors’ strategy consulting service puts CRM-provider Purple Seven on growth track

Acuity Advisors’ strategy consulting service puts CRM-provider Purple Seven on growth track

Acuity Advisors, the independent corporate advisory house, have set Purple Seven on a clear path to growth after an intensive period of strategy consulting. Drawing on the experience of running their own businesses, working in industry and for large consulting firms, the Acuity team have brought a unique perspective to the company’s critical planning activity.

Purple Seven develop and deliver effective hosted CRM solutions aimed at the performing arts market and other ticketed events. Founded in 2002, Purple Seven have closely tracked the emergence of hosted CRM for the arts and its commercial opportunities. Faced with a pressing need to grow their business significantly and take advantage of burgeoning market potential, Purple Seven enlisted the strategy consulting expertise of Acuity to help them develop a robust plan.

The Acuity team worked closely with Purple Seven on a bespoke approach to their planning, developing a deep understanding of the business, identifying the opportunities and challenges, and coaching the management team through the writing of a stretching yet achievable implementation plan.

“Purple Seven have immense potential and like many SMEs face growing pains,” said Matthew Byatt, partner at Acuity. “Through this strategy consulting project, Acuity have been able to work with the Purple Seven management team on a succinct plan to put the company on the right trajectory.”

“Acuity have been an immense help to us. Their approach and clarity of thought has helped us focus on what’s really important in our business,” said Stuart Nicolle. “We have a very actionable plan which details what we aren’t going to do as well as what we are striving to achieve.”

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