About Acuity

We’ve worked hard to build a talented team that knows technology; the industry, its people and the market.

What sets us apart are our partners, who are quick to grasp the technical detail that drives great tech businesses. It’s what we’ve become known for.

Our reach and network have also grown over the years. With offices now in London, Munich, Shanghai and Silicon Valley, we have an increasingly cross-border track record.

Acuity works with the worlds highest profile acquirers, building successful relationships on sound foundations that we’ve been laying down since the very beginning. Principles like diversity of experience and expertise, which is an important part of our make-up. Every partner in the team brings something different to the table, and you can read more here. Different as we are, though, we all share the same fundamental values. We believe in establishing a deep rapport with clients, and we’ve built a reputation as the trusted advisors in the tech industry by focusing on what our clients need. That means we also talk straight – clients hear what they need to hear, because that’s how the best results are achieved. Add in the agility to work quickly when we need to, and a groundedness that keeps everything practical and real, and the result is an approach to advisory relationships that is rare in the industry.

Acuity has grown into a leading name in tech advisory. And we’re growing, but without diluting what drives our success rate and makes us different. That will never change.

A conversation is never wasted. We’re confident that we can give you all the help you need, but we’ll tell you if we think there’s a better option for you.

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