Zebra and Twitter make the acquisitions of the week

In a week that was not marked by a massive Chinese acquisition, US companies were especially active in attaining exits. Twitter has made the biggest noise in the market by acquiring a social data entity, signifying the company is ready to offer its own analytics services. This move shows that business transfer agents are likely to see growing demand for social data analytics firms as social networks begin to reel-in companies that have traditionally carried out this service as third parties. Meanwhile, Zebra Technologies recorded the biggest deal of the week and the month by purchasing a division of mobile vendor Motorola for a reported $3.5 billion.

Twitter brings big data in-house

The acquisition of Gnip (ping spelled backwards), a social media analytics firm based in Colorado that claims to service 95% of Fortune 500 companies, by microblogging network Twitter represents a milestone that signals social networks are ready to deliver big data services in-house. Facebook, Twitter and others have traditionally worked with third parties that utilise the info from social media to demonstrate trends and consumer habits, but that system is likely to be shifting as brands look to control their own space. The move is likely being motivated by the growing value placed on big data and its reselling to corporate clients. Having reached maturity in its client-facing business, Twitter clearly feels it is ready to become a deep data infrastructure firm. The value of the deal was undisclosed, and it remains to be seen if the purchase will disrupt Gnip’s existing agreements with other social media including Tumblr, Instagram and Reddit.

Zebra bets big on Motorola expertise

US-based Zebra Technologies, which specialises in barcode, receipt, kiosk, RFID printers and supplies for businesses, has agreed to buy Motorola’s enterprise unit in what could be a deal worth up to $3.5 billion. The unit develops tablets and other handheld wireless devices for the corporate market as well as barcode scanners to retailers across the globe. The acquisition makes sense since both companies have worked in the same field for a long time and have a variety of common interests. The deal would place Zebra in a leading position in the barcode market and could allow further inroads into the growing BYOD sector.

Lending Club expands core-product portfolio

Peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Club acquired Springstone, a start-up that offers financial services to those seeking to finance higher education or medical procedures, for $140 million. The dynamic segment continues to witness rapid consolidation as more consumers turn to innovative online platforms in order to finance purchases of goods and services. Lending Club has already facilitated more than $4 billion in in personal loans since 2007 and the company is looking to expand its offerings across more niche financial loan segments.

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