Long term client of Acuity Advisors, Positive Energy, undertake construction of a 2mw photovaltaic park

Solar Gate SA have awarded Positive Energy the contract for the supply of equipment, project design, construction and operation of a 2mw photovoltaic park in the Prefecture of Lakonia

The project commences in October 2010 and is expected to be finalised and commissioned by January 2011. The operation of the plant has substantial environmental benefits including the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2,600 tonnes per year.

On behalf of Positive Energy, Kyriakos Agiannidis, commercial director of the company, stated: “We are adding one more important project to the wide list of projects we have under construction throughout Greece. Our ongoing objective is the continued expansion in the country and the wider region by offering complete energy solutions based on our knowledge, experience and commitment to quality. By adding this project to our portfolio, Positive Energy has a total of over 20MWp of projects under development at the moment.”

On behalf of Solar Gate, Stelios Georgioudakis, CEO of the company, stated: “We are very happy to announce today the start of this large project not only for its investment profits but also for its significant environmental benefits. We are also happy because we are contributing to the country’s initiative to encourage green investments that can offer new jobs and help local societies to grow.”

“Positive Energy is a long term client of Acuity Advisors. The announcement of this project highlights the important role Positive Energy is playing in the region and clearly points to a market which is rapidly becoming a mainstay of the European solar industry,” said Acuity’s partner, Matthew Byatt.

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