Bath start-up brings intelligence to aerospace, defence and finance

Bath-based business intelligence technology business Animus has brought its expertise to the oil and gas industry through a partnership with decommissioning specialists Strategic Decom. The company, a product of Bath corporate finance and the latest successful graduate from the productive Bristol and Bath tech hub, has a bright future.

Together they have created DecomIntelligence, a cloud-based intelligence platform which can provide insight into the latest trends, techniques and technologies in the decommissioning sector.

Technology start-up Animus was founded in 2015 by Giles Thompson and Peter Taylor from their company based in Bath. They believe their Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has the versatility to be used across industries. It has application in aerospace, defence and finance, any industry where data and collaboration feature.

They have worked with Strategic Decom managing director Richard Heard to devise a catalyst for insight into industry trends and activity.

The volume of information it collates and customises has never been seen together in one place.

The database will provide a new set of tools to analyse and interpret data, giving owners, regulators, financial and M&A specialists and the supply chain greater insight.

Features include an interactive technology tracker, maps, live news, e-learning, links and the ability to cross-reference data.

Giles Thompson, director, Animus, said: “The platform is a cloud technology which uses engaging graphical and map-based data layers to show the user both legacy and real-time data.  It is interactive and intuitive, breaking away from the standard spreadsheet and manual data streams people are used to analysing.

“As a relatively new industry, decommissioning can use collaboration from the outset and be an example to others. It demands a flow of relevant, up-to-date information and our platform can provide this.  We have taken the insight lost in tens of thousands of lines of spreadsheet data and made it visual, intuitive, even beautiful.”

The platform has global reach and can be customised for any business. It will support intelligence-led businesses, using data visualisation tools, analytics and project management tools, and can integrate data from novel sources, such as remote sensing from satellites.

Supported by the UK Space Agency, Animus recently joined SETsquared’s Incubator Programme. It has opened up greater opportunities to explore the application of space data in a business intelligence context.

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