Acuity to talk M&A at Connected Fleets Europe 2015

Acuity Advisors’ own Matt Stamp will be speaking at the Connected Fleets Europe 2015 conference, which is to be held over 10th and 11th of March in Amsterdam.

The event focuses on the increasingly dynamic fleet management sector, as innovation and new technologies are driving progress and new opportunities for companies. Some of the most exciting developments and topics in the sector include:

  • Modern supply chain evolution: Innovations in upstream and downstream supply-chains provide the disruptive concepts, including drone delivery and synchro-modal transportation that are set to define the future of connected fleets and logistics;
  • Fleet solutions in next-gen models: With an upsurge in car sharing and leasing imminent, solution requirements, from remote unlocking to back end integration with urban infrastructure, can leverage existing fleet technology for changing mobility models;
  • Data standardisation code: Which data sets need to be standardised in order to enable the efficient and scalable management of multiple OEMs, platforms and services providers within a single fleet management hub;
  • Duty of care: The legal, HR and operational demands of fleet managers. A suite of connected services encompassing vehicle diagnostics, workforce management, remote support and driver training can create a motivated, low turnover workforce.

Having held several leadership roles and built highly successfully corporate finance teams within M&A firms, Matt has developed an extensive network across corporates, private equity and venture capital focused on the TMT sector. An impressive background over 15 years in finance and banking, working on from £1m to over £1bn, gives Matt a specialised and in-depth understanding of business models, sector trends and M&A themes.

Matt has been involved in over 60 transactions covering a broad range of technology, media, communications and consumer businesses. Having works with some of the leading companies in the space, one of Matt’s current areas of focus and sector specialism is in vehicle telematics and M2M connectivity solutions.

At the event, Matt will take a look at M&A activity in the sector:

  • How market consolidation in Europe will reduce fragmentation across the continents M2M solutions and where new opportunities will emerge;
  • Understand what is attracting investment from venture capitalists & private equity, which valuation metrics, geographic drivers and solutions matter most when deciding to sell or buy in this industry;
  • Take a look at some of the recent activity in the M&A space, such as Masternaut, Vodafone, Qualcomm, Transics, and find out what buyers and sellers can do to make the transaction process as simple as possible.

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