Acuity Insight: WedTech… Siri, Will You Marry Me?

Soon-to-be-married Acuity partner Andy Lister is impressed by how many eligible WedTech businesses there are, surprises his fiancée by asking a machine to marry him, and secretly wishes he could have a virtual stag do…


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to consider the world of WedTech.

To have and to hold a paper invite is still something many of our relatives insist on – however 90% of invites have been electronic, using the wonderful and seemingly ubiquitous

From this day forward, all serious weddings must have drone-cam footage and crowd-sourced photos via Pleasingly, many photographers point-blank refuse to offer even VHS video, and provide something not seen since 2008 – a “photo album”.

For better or for worse, the gift list market is dominated by John Lewis. This is an area ripe for shaking up, and I was very impressed with online list entrant which lets you choose gifts from multiple retailers.

For richer or poorer, there is nothing like a live analogue band on the big day (albeit a Spotify playlist will come in handy) – and thanks to we could watch multiple online videos before choosing the band and paying the deposit.

Risking sickness and health, every evening and weekend is now spent wedding planning. We’ve been interested to try out which is currently raising funds on Seedrs – if only we could crowdfund the inordinate wedding cost.

Finally one thing is certain, Pinterest – ‘ideas catalogue’ and internet behemoth – will continue to play a huge role in wedding design and planning. It would be difficult to find a bride who doesn’t have a beautifully-curated board dedicated to their themes, styles and designs.

So, which virtual assistant gives the best response to being proposed to?  The prize goes to Siri, who completely dodged the question saying:

That’s sweet – is there anything else I can help you with?”.

Actually yes there is Siri – could you do my speech so I can tuck into the champagne a bit earlier?


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Andy Lister, Acuity Partner / Groom-to-Be

Andy Lister, Acuity Partner / Groom-to-Be

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