Insight Bite: Accenture Pushes Deeper into AI with Pragsis Bidoop Purchase

Serial acquirer Accenture is building out its artificial intelligence capabilities with the purchase of analytics firm Pragsis Bidoop, which is one of the leading players in the Spanish AI and Big Data market.

Pragsis Bidoop provides cutting-edge data tools to companies in a range of industries – from banking to the public sector. The tools include AI solutions, big data processors, innovative predictive models, and machine learning tools for the optimisation of manufacturing processes.

Pragsis Bidoop’s client base, which consists of Ibex-35 companies in Spain and multinationals across Brazil and Mexico, is of particular interest to Accenture, which hopes to use the acquisition to gain a foothold in Latin America.

The 200 employees at Pragsis will join Accenture’s Applied Intelligence business, which is focused on using artificial intelligence to help clients solve complex business problems and make better data-driven decisions.

“By joining Accenture, we can help change the game in the AI and big data solutions space, helping our clients to really leverage the new era of artificial intelligence as a key opportunity to boost their business,” said Pedro Agudo, CEO and co-founder of Pragsis Bidoop.

The acquisition of Pragsis Bidoop is part of a larger drive by Accenture to push deeper into the digital enterprise world.

Catalysed by increasing volumes of data, business intelligence is becoming central to enterprise decision-making. By processing vast amounts of information – including both historical and real-time data – business analytics platforms can pick out anomalies, inform conclusions, and make accurate forecasts to support decisions.

The integration of artificial intelligence into these platforms is only driving further growth in a market that has seen two high profile acquisitions earlier this year – Google’s $2.6 billion purchase of business-intelligence tool Looker, and Salesforce’s $15.7 billion Tableau acquisition.

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