Selling a business, is something that most people only intend to do once in their lifetime and approaching a corporate finance advisory can feel quite daunting if the company owner is initiating a sale process for a business they have built up over a number of years

As selling a business is such a one-off experience, shareholders and owners cannot be expected to have an in-depth understanding of the best way to approach a sale, but at the same time it’s important for all concerned that they make informed choices and approach the sale in a systematic and organised way to ensure the most successful outcome.

Corporate finance is a whole industry that has been set up to provide advice and help on selling businesses and raising funding. But it’s such a broad industry with so many players specialising in different things that it can seem daunting when approaching a corporate finance advisor for the first time.

At Acuity Advisors we advise technology-enabled business owners who want to sell their business for maximum value and with reassuring certainty. From our offices in London, Cambridge, Thames Valley and Silicon Valley, we specialise in finding the best buyers, developing sound growth strategies, and raising investment funds.

Our focus is:

Building a business is about passion, sacrifice and personal stories. Our clients have confidence we will deliver for them because we understand what their business is about, head and heart

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