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Every client’s story is different. But there is one thing that all our client stories have in common: success. We have helped many businesses to achieve what they were looking for. In many cases, we’ve done even better than that.

Take a moment to browse some of our clients’ success stories.

PrismaStar Logo received investment from Octopus Ventures Logo Type: Venture

£2m investment in PrismaStar by Octopus Ventures

PrismaStar was set up in 2005 by a team of ambitious business experts who aimed to plug the deficiencies in the world of product search. The company has worked tirelessly to develop its patented gu...
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assisted by Type: Venture

Investment in Peppersmith

Peppersmith are makers of natural, healthy, award-winning chewing gum and mints. All products are made with quality ingredients and are free from artificial flavours, colo...

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received investment from Type: Venture

Investment in by EEDA enables users to listen to everything and everyone all together, ensuring they are up to date with information that is relevant to them without having to look for...

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