Investment in by EEDA

received investment from Type: Venture enables users to listen to everything and everyone all together, ensuring they are up to date with information that is relevant to them without having to look for updates

It works by bringing together content such as text-based SMS, emails, news feeds, status updates, wall posts, tweets and blogs and converting it to speech that can then be listened to on a PC or mobile device. Users can mix the audio with their own music to create a radio show that they can personalise and share online. In short, provides users with the information that is important to them in a convenient, easily digestible format.

Acuity Advisor’s unique mix of capability, insight and attitude matched’s needs perfectly. Their deep understanding of the internet sector meant they grasped the concept completely, and having raised funds for many clients knew exactly what they needed at this stage in their development. Acuity thoroughly examined what were proposing, providing constructive criticism where necessary, and encouraging the management team to develop and refine their ideas.

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