Strategic investment in Marmalade by Activision Blizzard

Marmalade Logo received investment from Activision Logo Type: Strategic Investment

Marmalade is a UK software company and leading provider of cross-platform software development kit (SDK) technology.

Its technology provides outstanding performance and portability within an open and flexible development environment and is used worldwide by leading developers, OEMs, processor platforms, and applications developers. Marmalade’s software unlocks $6 billion of the $17 billion applications market which will be cross-platform by the end of 2012 Tier one games developers including EA, Activision, Capcom, Konami and Popcap have adopted Marmalade’s technology which was used for the development and deployment of games such as Need for Speed, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil to mobile devices.

The Challenge: The business was founded in late 1990s as a development house for games. They had developed key technology to enable the efficient porting of applications between different operating systems. With the proliferation of smart phone and tablets, this technology had come of age and Marmalade had identified many new opportunities and innovative business models for which it needed funding to develop. They wanted a corporate finance house who could deliver the board different funding options

Marmalade is a trading name of Ideaworks3D Limited, a privately held company originally founded in 1998.

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