£3.1 million investment in Mantis Deposition by NVM Private Equity

received investment from Type: Venture

Founded in 2003, Mantis Deposition is a leading speciality instrumentation firm that develops high-quality deposition components and systems for the thin-film coating community

Its products are designed for all cutting-edge materials research and pre-production coating applications. The company was founded by scientists who used their expertise to develop a deep understanding of nanotechnology, instrumentation, patented IP and commercial capability.

Mantis’ core business focuses on nanocoatings; these are the deposition of thin layers of particles on a surface. Advances in instrumentation have allowed an expansion in the development and use of nanotechnology and Mantis has developed its own unique technology. Mantis’ nanocoatings expertise, which is protected by patents and IPR, has opened up lucrative opportunities for the firm to expand its business worldwide.

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