Light Blue Optics sell key assets to Promethean World

Light Blue Optics sold assets to Promethean acquires Light Blue Optics assets Type: Asset Sale

Light Blue Optics (LBO) develops and supplies advanced user-interface technology for use in high-volume applications in markets including education, training, corporate boardrooms and consumer electronics.
LBO software is embedded in cutting-edge interactive flat-panel displays and projection-based whiteboards sold by market leaders, providing best-in-class performance at affordable cost.

Promethean has acquired the interactive touch and pen technology from Light Blue Optics Limited,. The acquisition includes the intellectual property rights for the technology and key members of LBO’s engineering team. The new interactive technology will further enhance students and teachers’ experience with their Promethean classroom display for a seamless, engaging learning environment.

Acuity worked with LBO from the outset of their process, identifying Promethean and helped to conclude the process.

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