Acuity Advisors are an independent corporate advisory who specialise in business exit strategy and helping you prepare for a business sale.

Careful planning is the only way to be ready to sell a business and many shareholders consider their business exit strategy years before they are ready to sell. Sometimes, shareholders require detailed consultancy to help them get everything in place for sale whilst others are more ready that they think and have everything in place to go to market.

Preparing a business exit strategy

Getting prepared can involve many different strands of activity which the business as a whole may need to encompass: Developing a detailed product roadmap to open up new opportunities, moving into new areas geographically or preparing a detailed financial strategy are all important areas to take advice on. We have a number of internal M&A experts with experience of providing support to technology-enabled businesses with the future expectations of selling their business at some point in the future.

It is difficult to know when is the right time to develop your business exit strategy as economic downturns and upturns, industry developments, and changes in the personal circumstances of the shareholders all play a part. We have many ways to help you keep up to date with industry developments – follow us on twitter, take a look at our blog or sign up for our newsletter. If you want to know a bit more about us take a look at our press releases and you’ll soon see that we’ve got a great story to tell.

Start a discussion

Of course, if you are looking for more tailored advice on how to prepare for sale then it would be great to talk to you. If you’d like to talk through a long term business exit strategy or if you’re further on with your thinking, please do get in touch. It’s our job to be ready when you are.