Acuity Advisors are independent business brokers who specialise in advising clients to achieve a successful business sale

From our offices in London, Cambridge, Thames Valley and Silicon Valley, we specialise in helping technology businesses. We have bought, run and sold our own profitable companies, and this experience has equipped us with a real understanding of our clients’ personal needs, thoughts, aspirations and motivations, something that many business brokers cannot match.

We provide tailored advice if considering:

Our team of business brokers has the network and profile to identify the widest range of potential buyers both in the UK and internationally. But we also know how crucial it is to stay close to you from the very beginning of the process and really gain a deep understanding of your business.

When choosing a business broker, it’s important that you have a personal chemistry with the partner that will be running the process for you. Smaller business brokers tend to rated highly on this, as we field higher-calibre teams who see the project through from start to finish. By contrast, larger firms where senior partners are involved at the beginning of an engagement but subsequent stages are left to less-experienced staff, can be a poor match for some clients as they want to feel the assurance and security that a close relationship with the lead advisor brings.

Acuity Advisors have a tried-and-tested approach to business sales, an approach that has shown value in the stream of successes that our clients have experienced. We combine a real commitment to placing you and your requirements at the centre of the process with the expertise and relationships to deliver an excellent outcome both financially and emotionally.

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